"Then there was Dessie, whose laughter was so constant that everyone near her was glad to be there because it was more fun to be with Dessie than with anyone else."
-John Steinbeck
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can i log out of life


"The difference two years can make."

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remember when people said smexy instead of sexy i literally cannot think of anything less sexy than the word smexy


"You should smile more!"


"You look tired!"


"Are you really going to eat all that?"


Is it that time of month?


"You’re just being dramatic"


"You have terrible taste"


"Just exercise and eat less!"


"Thats really slutty"


Unreleased photos from Kurt Cobain’s death scene - his little box of goodness

Unreleased photos from Kurt Cobain’s death scene - his little box of goodness

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Summer has been great so far.

I don’t have friends to go out with, the only people i talk to are my parents but recently they are mad at me about something and they don’t talk to me either.

My dog is like glued to my parents so she is not around either.

So basically i am a homewrecker.

And signing up for this internship has been the worst decision ever. I realised from the first day how useless, meaningless and boring and uninteresting this whole thing is to me.

People there speak only of credits. Credits, credits, ask them something that is not credits and they go ‘ah i dont know’. Ask them something which is not really what their work involves and they go ‘not my competency’. So, narrowminded. And their reports are full of grammar mistakes. How could i even read that?

Everything is just so stupid.

I feel and look like a dying person. And I cannot enjoy the things that i normally enjoy doing.

The days just drag.

Even the birds are mocking me, they curse my return (bastille reference) Eh, summer has been great so far.