I've got the dreamers' disease.
I have the music in me.
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The “Reflection” series of older people looking at their younger selves in mirrors.

This is so beautiful

Oh my god this is amazing

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Keep fighting, Never give up.


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Acceptable reasons to get a tattoo!!!!




  • in memory of a deceased loved one
  • because you happened to pass by a tattoo shop
  • because it is your favorite quote
  • because it’s from your favorite TV show
  • to show dedication to your romantic partner
  • because you liked the design
  • because it has a deep meaning to you
  • because you were young and stupid
  • because you fucking wanted to.

Fucking this

i was gonna get angry bc i thought you were gonna be an asshole but then it was awesome

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Someone hold my hand and take me to concerts..

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Damon Salvatore in 5.18 "Resident Evil"